Video Editing Help (In Shenzhen / Hong Kong Area)

Video Editing Help (In Shenzhen / Hong Kong Area)

  • Post Date:March 27, 2017
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Job Description

I love making videos here at Global From Asia – but they are extremely challenging for me to make! I’d love to partner up with a video editor who is in the local PRD (Pearl River Delta) area and make a win win collaboration.

I record most of the videos on my Canon Rebel 5ti with a selfie stick on the days that I am recording. After a day shooting video, the video size is approximately 3 to 6 gigabytes.

There is a basic storyline that I am following, but I would need to sit down with you and explain things – or if you prefer I can type it up like this document.

The reason we want someone to be local in the South China area is because these files are so massive, if I try to upload them to dropbox it will be a day before the editor gets them. Therefore, in an ideal world I can meet you to let you sync / download the videos and then you can work on them locally on your computer.

I currently use Final Cut Pro X, but have also used IMovie. I’m flexible to the expertise of the editor on which software to use. Maybe at the  beginning I will help get involved with the video editing – but in the long term, this video editor would “own” the entire process from getting the raw footage, to editing, adding music, text, and everything else.

Why Work With us?
Global From Asia is a cool (at least we are trying to be) online media company sharing amazing blogs, podcasts, and working on these exact videos. We have a globally distributed team working with the creation and marketing of this content – and you would be part of the “Family”.

Get exposure to both Western and Chinese internet marketing and content creation. Work closely with Mike, the host and founder of the Global From Asia show, and get inside information about the direction and mission of the business.

In short, we are a growing online business and you have a chance to join while we are still on the ground level (and ready for take off).

Compensation is negotiable. I do it myself for now, and it takes about 2-3 hours per video. I know that someone new doing it would need more time to understand all the pieces, and can accept it can take an hour or two extra for this person. We can also have you involved in the video creation (recording) part of it- so that it may be easier for you to edit the video – please let us know if you’d like this.

We feel this is a part time job, but again, if you have interest in other job listings we offer, we can combine multiple part time job opportunities to make it a full time offer.