Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook PPC) Marketing Hustler

Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook PPC) Marketing Hustler

  • Post Date:March 27, 2017
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Job Description

The internet is taking over, as we all know! And the top two channels we are focusing on is Google and Facebook. Up until now, we have done everything organically with just creating amazing content and hoping it gets shared and found by our target audience.

Obviously, Facebook is making it more and more “pay to play” and we need to “boost” some of our popular posts to get more eyeballs on our content, and grow our email list.

We are seeking a paid advertising hustler who is passionate about what Global From Asia is doing and wants to help us grow our reach. The current team doesn’t have too much experience with the paid advertising world and would trust this new hire to be able to take it and build out the processes and KPI with management.

The KPI will be growing the email list, and sales. Sure, likes and engagement is important, and will be part of the funnel we are looking at, but at the end of the day, your performance will be measured by the quality of leads (emails) you generate and the ability for those leads to close to sales.

Hopefully you are familiar with Global From Asia already, but to give you a rundown of what we will be promoting:

Who Global From Asia is targeting:
Since 2013, we have been in existence to help the online entrepreneur in doing business here in China, Hong Kong, and other parts of Asia. Our target demographic is Western males in the 25 to 40 year age range, selling online (Amazon FBA, Shopify, information products, consulting services) and related to China business – this can be via manufacturing in China, or living in Philippines, or getting an internship in Thailand.

Its an exciting space (to us) and hopefully you understand and are even part of this demographic. By you being part of the demographic, it will really help when making ad sets and other materials for these advertising campaigns, so mention that in your application.

What we offer our audience:

Let’s start with the Free Stuff:
* Blogs
* Podcasts
* Videos
* This job board!

To get more exposure and interaction on our content. This will help build trust and authority in the marketplace.

Lead generations stuff (Email optins) such as
* Webinars
* free pdf downloads
* Email mini courses
* Newsletter subscribers – yes, some opt in to get our weekly newsletter

Our Paid stuff (end of the funnel)
What are we selling? Here is a list of the many things
* Events – such as Cross Border Summit and premium paid events
* Books and online courses – have a portfolio at
* Marketplace of Asia based services – building a portfolio of partners who offer relevant services in the Asia region

Additional roles and responsibilities (for the true hustler)
So does this opportunity sound interesting to you? If you are a serious overachiever, here are some other things we would need help with:

Email autoresponders and funnels – getting people into the funnel is the main part of this role (see above) but if you want to work with us on creating and optimizing more email funnels, we’d love to have you. We currently use Active Campaign.
Content creation processes – let’s continue to be a content creation business and if you are interested in creating content it would be great.

When applying – please let us know you read this post by saying rockstar keyword at the beginning of your cover letter. Also let us know, for real, what parts of this job are most interesting for you.

We want this to be a win-win opportunity. Therefore, we are offering a fair base plus performance pay. I think if you have these skills above,you can see the massive performance opportunity- as we have no paid advertising but tons of great content and service offerings that are converting.

If you believe in the Global From Asia brand and mission, this should be popping out as a massive opportunity and we look forward to reviewing your application.